Made You Look 4 Diagonal

$96.00 per item


This dynamic diagonal is a subtly textured cut and loop surface from our Made You Look style with blue and red shades from our crayon box of 70+ colors.

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Product Details

Use & Care

Your FLOR can be installed on virtually any clean, hard and dry indoor surface. DON’T install your FLOR over carpeting or padding, floors with hand-painted or vintage varnish finish, unfinished waxed floors, any floors finished with a solvent-based sealant, oil-based finish, unsealed concrete or outdoors.

If you have a concrete floor, be sure it is smooth and fully cured for a minimum of 90 days. To seal concrete surfaces, use a non-solvent-based sealer. Let the surface dry completely before installing your FLOR.

With regular vacuuming, your FLOR will maintain its appearance and provide many years of enjoyment. If FLOR is the only soft surface in a room of hard flooring (e.g., wood, stone or ceramic), it may collect its fair share of dirt, so frequent vacuuming is recommended. Vacuuming and spot-cleaning will cure most problems, but keep in mind they are just two steps in the overall maintenance process.

Like other carpeting, FLOR fibers can become matted and embedded with soil over time. Grease and oil, in particular, can trap dry particles and result in a dull-looking carpet. When this occurs, contact a carpet cleaning professional for a general cleaning. We recommend wet extraction or steam cleaning for nylon and polyester tiles. Wet cleaning results in some downtime of the carpet and potential dampness between and around tiles. Dry extraction is less recommended but does have a shorter downtime and leaves minimal chance for dampness.


Indoor Air Quality
Green Label Plus Certified
Radiant Panel
(ASTM E - 648) Class 1
Smoke Density
(ASTM E - 662)
(AATCC - 134) < 3.0 KV
Standard Backing
GlasBac Tile
Tufted Yarn Weight
25 oz/yd2
Machine Guage
1/10 in
Pile Height
.20 in
Pile Thickness
.127 in
Pile Density
Total Thickness
.300 in
Product Number
Cut & Loop Pile
Soil Stain Protection
Antimicrobial Treatment
Fiber Content
Aquafil 100% recycled nylon
Dye Method
100% Solution Dye
Post-Industrial (percent)
Post Consumer
Total Recycled Content
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The perfect size rug for any and all spaces, in any arrangement.
Designed for you and the environment, nearly all our style are made from 100% recycled nylon.
Removable tiles mean you can wash what’s dirty and leave the rest.