December 2, 2010

12 Wooden Tabletop Trees

Tabletop trees bring holiday flair to small living rooms, console tables, kids' rooms … really any space in the home. I'm particularly fond of wooden versions. Whether decorated or left unadorned, they can be a lovely (and often more environmentally-friendly) alternative to live, cut, or artificial trees. Here are 12 of my favorite wooden tabletop trees. In many cases, their modern shapes and neutral colors extend their appeal beyond the holidays, too.

I gasped the first time I saw Büro North's Frigg, Rindd, and Gryder trees. Not only are they incredibly stylish, but they're also sustainably designed and produced in Melbourne, Australia.

The Wooden Die-Cut Evergreen Trees on the left are actually sold as wedding table centerpieces but they could certainly be used in the home, as well. At right, Crate & Barrel's Wooden Trees made from plywood with a white lacquer finish.

At left, West Elm's Twig Trees look especially nice in groupings. At right, a tabletop tree from possibiliTree. It looks equally beautiful with or without ornaments.

Because We Can's Lace Tree, on the left, is made from sustainably harvested American Maple. On the right is Muji's Beech Tree, which can be used for holiday ornaments or as a jewelry hanger.

At left, Matteria's Small Christmas Tree. It's made from eco-certified birch and the manufacturer will plant one new tree for every tree sold. At right, a Modern Tannenbaum handmade by silvercocoon.

On the left is redzebradesigns' Tabletop Timber Christmas Tree. Handmade in Queensland, Australia, it can be displayed with or without decorations. Or make your own version using the Nuts and Bolts Christmas Tree instructions from Lowe's!

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