A $5 Headboard

Regine, a 30-year-old nursing student, recently whipped up an amazingly simple DIY project for her bedroom: a headboard made entirely of electrical tape! By creating an unexpected silhouette behind her bed, the room suddenly looks a bit more finished (and a lot more quirky!).

I love the idea and my mind is reeling with the possibilities: different shapes, scales – even words! I haven’t tested electrical tape on walls and am leery of paint-peeling, but I’m sure washi tape would make a similar impact – for a lot less hassle when it’s time to take down! Tell me, would you try this idea? And what would you design as your headboard? I’d love to hear!

Image Credit: Regines Kreativiteter

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Color of 2013: Emerald Green

It’s that time of year for Pantone to reveal their influential color of the year and for 2013 it’s….emerald green! Yes! I really love this color and think it’s a fantastic opportunity for us all to embrace it in our home + style.

Aside from accents, adding in emerald green as an accent wall, wallpaper choice or even an accent chair, you are adding definite style and shine to you home. Also, green is a complement of red so if you already have this palette in your home, why not try adding in a little emerald green style. I think the best way to use any color green is through plants + natural accents.  A very cool DIY would be to dip a terracotta planter halfway in the emerald green color (17-5641 to be exact) and add a beautiful plant. 

What do you think of the Color of the Year 2013?


(Images via Coco + Kelley)

House Peek: Jens Risom Prefab on Block Island

Sometimes keeping it super simple can be the best design idea. If something transcends time for almost 50 years and looks just as good as it did in year 1, that’s a serious accomplishment. And that is what Jens Risom’s prefab home is all about. Located on Block Island near Rhode Island, the wooden prefab was constructed in the 1960s and has only 1 change…


A photo of the Block Island home in LIFE 1965

A warm fireplace in the heart of the home.

Windows from floor to ceiling allow for amazing natural light.

The gray shingled facade is adorned by a bright R that was from of one of Jens delivery truck.
He had owned a furniture design company.

…the windows were updated just a few years ago. (can you believe that’s the only change?!) The gorgeous and understated A-frame style prefab was picked out of a catalog and has stayed in the family for all these years. I feel you can tell there’s tons of love poured into this simple space. What do you think of this home?

(Images via Fast Co Design)

Felting Phenoms

Recently a friend of mine took me away from my children and my home and into the heart of Boston for the Boston Craft show.  It was a delightful day out, despite the gloomy rain, and it was such a treat to see so many artisans and their beautiful wares.  One design concept that truly struck me was the use of felt.  In my mind, felt is for Sunday School dioramas and little kid book-mark presents – so I was intrigued by the ways some artists are manipulating the medium.

Danielle Gori-Montanelli’s felt creations are whimsical and satisfying.  Once a painter, then a jewelry maker, Danielle was searching for something with more texture and less fumes to work with and happened upon felt.  Her organic process of laying out pieces and cutting them as she is inspired offers the end user a fascinating glimpse into her creative mind.  The pieces are visual eye candy with an equal tactile reward.  More of Danielle’s work can be seen on her website: StudioDGM.


San Francisco artist, Jenne Giles, works with felt in an entirely different process that results in wearable pieces that have their own distinct appeal.  She describes her work:

“I turned to wool in 2005 to create sculptured textiles and wearable art. Through experimentation I discovered that wool, with its pliability and saturated palette, is similar to other fine art mediums like paint and clay. I make each piece by applying wool as painterly strokes and fields of color to create a thick bed of fiber. Wetting this matrix with hot soapy water, I mesh the fibers together by rolling and hand-working them in a process similar to sculpting with clay. It is an alchemical process, rich with surprise and expression.”

The end result of her manipulation of the felt is truly divine – the cascading folds and nuances representative of the creative process she is so dedicated to. Jeanne’s work can be seen at her website: Harlequin Feltworks.

What craft have you been inspired by lately?

Photos sourced via StudioDGM and Harlequin Feltworks

Just for Fun: Fantasy Floorplans

brandi roberts

Blueprint-inspired art and TV shows together as one? Artist Brandi Roberts designs fantasy floor plans recreated after fan-favorite television series that have aired over the past seven decades. Think I Love Lucy, Friends, Mad Men and even The Simpsons. Painstakingly accurate and inventive, each blueprint is sure to delight the TV-obsessed architect in your life. What a fantastic gift idea!

Tell me, what is your favorite TV house? I loved The Cosby Show’s brownstone growing up, as I lived on a ranch and always dreamed of taking my ubiquitous prom photo on that perfect white staircase. And isn’t it fascinating to see how family homes have grown and changed throughout history?

Image Credit: Brandi Roberts

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