January 1, 2012

FLOR’s 2012 Color Palette

As a creative professional, you know the labor of love involved in the design process. You know that inspiration can strike from just about anywhere at any time and that the creative genius occurs when you translate that stimuli into something new and beautiful and all your own.

We believe in that same creative process here at FLOR and wanted to share the output with you, our comrades in design. With that, we give you FLOR’s 2012 Designer Palettes for spring. In it we’ve identified three distinct color palettes and how new styles from our spring collection can help you bring each to life in your projects. Use it as a tool in client meetings or as a helpful FLOR guide and resource.

Get inspired and revel with us in the creative process.


For a pdf version of FLOR’s Color Palette click here Design Palettes spring 2012.


To see these styles and our entire Spring 2012 Collection in person, visit a FLOR stores or see them at FLOR.com.

Note: Dramatic, Elemental and Muted color palettes were inspired by our friends at WGSN.

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One Response to “FLOR’s 2012 Color Palette”

  1. Ragan Says:
    January 11th, 2012 at 11:26 am

    Love it… Your style shots are always great!