May 18, 2012

3 Easy and Affordable Name Card DIYs Using Flowers

It’s spring spring spring! Warmer weather has arrived and flowers are blooming everywhere. (just ask my “new to east coast” allergies – wow) The flowers are lovely, colorful and a great inspiration for design lovers, like me. With the warmer weather, many dinner parties are also springing up and I wanted to share three easy do-it-yourself ideas using flowers for making your guests right at home.

1) I really love these desert style name cards and they cost $2 to make. Not bad, right? Head over to a craft store and pick up some mini terra cotta plant holders and to a home store to pick up a succulent or two. Make name tags using toothpicks and colored paper – voila!

2)  Lavender is one of my favorite scents and flowers. These name cards are also very easy. Just pick up silver cord at a local craft store and wrap small bunches of lavenders. Print out your guests’ names and then cut flags on the end.

3) This mini bouquet is also easy and sweet. The little containers come in packs of four. Just place together mini bunches of flowers (or even fallen leaves from outside your door) and make name cards out of paper and toothpicks. Fun!

Do you add extra details, like name cards, to your dinner parties?

(Image 1 via @CrowandCanary and Images 2, 3 Rebeca Orlov)

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