June 5, 2012

3 easy changes to spring clean your design style at home

We are deep into spring and it’s been lovely out. More sunlit hours and breezy days and nights have become the norm. Although we’ve been spring happy for a few months now, you still have time to consider a little spring cleaning in your home as we really get into the warmer weather. But I am not talking changing filters and storing your winter clothes. I am thinking more of a design overhaul to your home. You may be surprised at what a little makeover can do to the entire look and feel of your space. Here are 5 quick tips for turning your design inside-out and clean, fresh and fun for the summer to come.

1) Change your color palette in 10 minutes
So how to accomplish this one? By changing your throw pillow covers. For a few bucks, you can get new colorful covers for your accent pillows and completely makeover your rooms. Add in some new patterns while you are at it.

2) Change the shades on your lamps.
Lighting is super important in a space. These days you can change your light bulb wattage as well as your lamp shade for a few dollars. Consider getting brighter lights. Even in the heart of spring, brightness everywhere will lighten the vibe.

3) Change your Flor and your floor.
Lay down some new Flor tiles in a space that previously had a rug or no floor covering at all. The room will feel (yes) new and it’s fun to embrace new colors and styles.

Have you given your home a little design spring clean makeover yet?

Image of Kelly’s Kitchen via AT / Kelly Green Home

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