May 29, 2013

3 Ways To Bring The Outdoors In

Now that the temps are finally heating up, I’ve got the great outdoors on the brain. And if I can’t frolic in the fields or bask in the sunshine during the day (curses, deadlines!), I might as well fake it, right? Here are three lovely ways to bring that beautiful, inspired weather inside my own four walls – and yours!:

1. A hammock (pictured above). What better way to procrastinate on a project or dream up your next dinner party than to lounge around in an indoor hammock? Pro tip: Splurge for a “queen size” for extra cuddle time.

2. An indoor swing. Sure, they might not be the most kid-proof option (watch those walls!), but an indoor swing scores serious fun points in any space.

3. Plenty-o-plants. Nothing says “fun in the sun” like a healthy dose of greenery. Why not line an entire wall with foliage a la this gorgeous pad?

Happy green-ing, friends!

Image Credits, top to bottom: Cakies, VTWonen, Design Love Fest

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