January 24, 2013

3 Ways To Write On Your Walls

Inspirational words and phrases are becoming increasingly common in today’s homes, perfect for a midday pick-me-up or gentle reminder. Yet sometimes they feel contrived and over done, don’t you think? There are only so many “house rules” and family mottos to display, and I love the idea of introducing a few more quirky phrases into the mix. Behold, three current favorites fit for any home, perfect for sharing the true writing on the wall!:

Image Credit: Natasja Molenaar Design

Above: Banners can be the perfect temporary solution for a bare wall or uninspired space. And who doesn’t need a brief kick-in-the-pants when they settle into the office for the day?

Image Credit: Domestic Architecture via Remodelista

Above: Declare your passion in a big way by painting a secret message on your favorite person’s door. Sure, it’s a pretty tedious paint job, but how could you not smile daily when passing by?

Image Credit: Trendenser via Feeling Inspired

Above: Let your phrase blend into its surroundings when mixed with an unexpected array of timepieces. Bonus? The look can be created with thick washi tape, making it as temporary as it is inspired!

Tell me, friends: what would you write on your walls? I’m dying to know!

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