June 8, 2011

30 Days of Creativity


30 Days of Creativity. Now this is a refreshing idea. I recall seeing something about this program last year when it was introduced for the first time. I caught it mid way through the month. It’s back this year, and I’m just in time to jump in. The concept is simple. Do something creative every day. Now, wouldn’t it be wonderful if  a person did that for the full thirty days of June?  That’s well beyond the twenty-one days it has been said it takes to make an action a habit.

No creative block. Just do it. Don’t over think it. Look at everyday problems as challenges to solve, and design some creative new solutions. Create Stuff. (anything). Seems simple enough, and it really could be fun. I pledge to give it a try. Won’t you join me?

Here are some of the participation rules from the website. Create. Photograph. Share.

30 Days of Creativity is a social initiative encouraging people to create stuff (anything) every day for 30 days in June.

Don’t put it off! Create stuff now! Follow #30daysofcreativity on Twitter. Send an @reply to @createstuff to let us know you want to participate. Simply say, “I pledge to create something everyday for 30 days in a row.”

What if I don’t have a Twitter?
You can still pledge! Share your work with us at submit@30daysofcreativity.com

View daily submissions and pin your creations to the daily boards here.

For a good look at the inspirational suggestions provided by the 30 days of creativity team, check out the June calendar in greater detail here.

Images courtesy of 30daysofcreativity.com




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