June 18, 2013

5 Tips for Styling Your Shelves

Turning your bookshelves at home into a stylish, organized design worthy of a magazine spread is not too hard to accomplish. I rounded up 5 tips for making your collectibles, decor and personal items shine in your space.

accessorizing your home

1) The placement of your shelves can really add style and balance. Are they symmetrical or placed at random? Are they varying in height? All of these will play into not only what you add but where you add it.

2) Consider the back of your bookshelves. Adding paint or wallpaper to that area will add tons of color and pop – the perfect background to your decor.

3) Arrange your books in stacks as well as upright. Don’t forget to turn your books on their sides to add volume.

4) Your accessories – frames, collectibles, vases, baskets, clocks, you name it – can be placed. Arrange in size, collections of 3 or color. This is how you can really pull the bookshelf style together.

5) The front of your bookshelf is a great place to add more style. Hang artwork or wall decor right there on the front. Dimension and style achieved.

(Image via Remodelista)

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