November 10, 2011

5 Wooden Wine Racks

Winter is just around the corner, which means loads of entertaining and spirits. Naturally, I’m on the hunt for wine racks that are both well-designed and affordable enough for gift-giving and hostess surprises.

While searching, I noticed my favorite designs were wooden, creating a beautiful mix of rustic, yet modern. Check out a few I spotted below!:

a. The Umbra Barrel Bamboo Wine Rack ($20) collapses when not in use and features a unique, circular design that holds 12 bottles. Definitely a top contender!
b. For a statement, the Zebrano Wood Wine Rack ($110) houses ten bottles with chrome accents separating each “layer.”
c. Equal parts sculptural and smart, the Wine Knot ($120) holds seven bottles in a molded plywood design. Gorgeous!
d. Sometimes you stick with the classic. This 24 Bottle Cellar Cube ($46) is an old standby for obvious reasons – the perfect mix of form and function span so many decor styles.
e. By far the most budget-friendly option is the Wine Bottle Folding Rack ($4) that seems directly inspired from my favorite Swedish drying rack. I love the simplicity, and of course – the price!

So, friends – which would you choose? Any favorites I’ve missed?

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4 Responses to “5 Wooden Wine Racks”

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