March 11, 2011

50′s FAB For Floors.

A friend stopped by with a gift the other day. A fabulous Better Homes and Gardens Decorating Book, published in 1957. I wish I could share the entire collection with you, as it is such great fun! It provides a step back in time into the living rooms and lifestyle of the 50's. 1950's decor reflects a society that believed in a culture of convenience. Tremendous advancements in technology and material availability provided new and innovative opportunity in furniture and product design.

This was a time of change, and that energy is reflected in the furnishings, textiles and accessories of the period. The post-war boom brought big changes in the home. Open-plan living was introduced, with glamorous kitchens and new appliances. After years of frugal economizing during World War II, prosperity and the good life had finally arrived. As families moved in droves to the suburbs, there was an emphasis on entertainment. "Every convenience that could be invented was available from "Ice-O-Mat" ice crushers for the six o’clock martini hour, to electric roll warmers for the Sunday dinner table". front range living Chapter 6 gives us tips on "Glamorizing Our Floors". The design and planning advice is as applicable today, as it was when it was written in 1957. Elements like color, texture and pattern can define a rooms function, flow and layout. 50's design was modern, modular and oh so stylish, I can't help but imagine our FLOR on the floor! Enjoy the ride back to the future of the fabulous 1950's.

All images scanned from Better Homes and Gardens Decorating Book, 1957.

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