June 2, 2009

Durability, Squared

Whether you are new to the FLOR system or a seasoned pro, there are lots of creative ways to use carpet tiles to solve just about any design problem you may have.  A few months ago, I sat down with Chip DeGrace, VP of Creative Strategy at FLOR, to pick his brain on some of his favorite ways to use the product he so passionately creates.  


Straight and Narrow & Sidekick

Chip recently moved into a new home in a quiet suburb of Chicago.  Many people would be overwhelmed with the idea of having to completely design and style every room in a new home (well, at least I would!).  Not Chip.  To hear him tell it, he was almost giddy with excitement when he stared at his big, empty house – a blank canvas just waiting for a dash of inspiration!  

As head of FLOR’s catalog and product development groups, Chip is obviously a creative fellow.  But, what may not be so apparent is that with three young children, he and his wife are constantly tasked with coming up with ways to decorate their home that are not only beautiful and reflective of their love for modern design, but also resilient to the flurry of activity of three high-energy boys!  Enter FLOR tiles.  

This past winter was a doosy!  When faced with the issue of what to do about capturing all of the dirt and snow and other fun messes that come with life in the Midwest during winter, Chip didn’t want to resort to the usual mudroom mats or rugs one might typically think of.  (Remember:  he loves modern design, so these options really wouldn’t meet his stringent aesthetic standards!) 

Straight and Narrow and Sidekick make a durable and colorful runner

Sidekick & Straight and Narrow combine to create a colorful and durable runner


By using FLOR styles Straight and Narrow in orange along with Sidekick in orange/black, Chip created a runner that addressed ALL of his concerns since this rug was:  

  1. DURABLE enough to stand up to the endless scuttle of three young boys;
  2. GOOD-LOOKING enough to work within Chip’s home décor style;
  3. PRACTICAL  enough so that he could take a soiled tile and literally rinse away the dirt and grime; and,
  4. FLEXIBLE enough so that if he got tired of a runner, he could move the tiles around to create another design or shape or even move them to another part of the house. 

This is the first in a series of posts where we will showcase ways Chip has used FLOR tiles in his own home.  So, be sure to check back for more helpful ideas, inspiration and design tips. 

If you’ve got a design dilemma or have solved one using FLOR tiles, we’d love to hear from you.  Post your comment here or write us at blogs@FLOR.com.  


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