June 5, 2012

A+ Architecture: Times Eureka Pavilion

Some of my favorite buildings and structures are those that reflect their surroundings in a perfectly-planned, artistic fashion. And in the case of the Times Eureka Pavilion in London’s Botanical Gardens of Kew, “artistically fashioned” is a massive understatement.

Created by NEX Architecture and landscape designer Marcus Barnett, the 3-dimensional structure is a temporary garden pavilion inspired by the cellular structures of the plants surrounding it. Using computer algorithms, the space was designed to mimic even the most natural processes and growths of plant species. In fact, when it rains, rainwater symbolizes a water transfer to the cellular plant structures by running off the glazed roof cells into the main recessed wall capillaries – and then finally into the ground.

What a beautiful and educational sight! And created with sustainably sourced timber and laminated glass, the temporary structure won’t be wasted when the installation is removed (which will be a sad, sad day indeed!).

[Images via Archilovers]

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