October 9, 2012

A Clothes House

I love the look of a clothing rack in any bedroom. There’s just something so very industrial-meets-functional about displaying your threads out in the open, waiting to be sifted through and creatively-ensembled. (Although I’d have to seriously pare down my wardrobe to keep things looking neat and simple!)

But there’s also something very boring about your average clothing rack. The style hasn’t really changed much in years, and if you’re using a clothing rack to make a statement… well, why not make a statement? This clothing house designed by Ola Giertz is a game-changer for that very reason – perfectly functional but with that very necessary element of surprise every object deserves.

Proof that clothes crave four walls (or four wheels, in this case!) just as much as we do.

Image Credits: Ola Giertz

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