October 18, 2010

A collection of…

Remember me talking about having a wall of teapots a while back? Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this image. How colorful and fun right? Sometimes having a collection could just be the ticket for decorating that empty wall. What's better than to have a wall full of memory that you can share with family and friends? Or having readily conversation starters? I was really inspired as to how creative and eye-catching each one of these collections are presented. The notion of completing a wall or shelf is quite addictive I suppose (speaking from experience of course!), I guess sometimes you simply can't stop at just two or three…


… now here two equally great ideas for displaying teacups as well. The one using ribbons is quite sweet, isn't it? Could be reserved for the extra special ones?!

… what a gorgeous mix and match of serving pieces. Wonder if there are any heirlooms in there.

… [left] Villandry, an all-day French restaurant in the heart of London. For all you foodies out there, there is a charcuterie, foodstore, bakery, AND bar all under one roof. Yup, dying to go! And how about that vintage rug beaters collection on the right? Would have never thought of collecting those, but that is exactly when a great collection begins.

… there is so much to love about this image. But I think the word "roots" sums it all up for me.

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One Response to “A collection of…”

  1. Will Says:
    October 18th, 2010 at 1:44 am

    All those teapots against that mint green wall?! Divine!