October 5, 2011

A Color Story : A Charming Vanity

My name is Rebecca and I am contributing to a new series on the Musings blog called A COLOR STORY.  Inside this series, you’ll find real spaces and places as well as real tips for creating your best space and getting serious color inspiration.  I truly believe that creating your best space will allow you to feel your best self. Let’s get started.

The first space is inspired by one of a gal’s fave places in the bedroom, her vanity table. Many of us have reinterpreted the classic vanity table – a small space in the bathroom, a side table, you name it. Wherever you keep your favorite *getting ready* items like jewelry, hairbrushes, perfume, etc, it is certainly a place to seek a bit of comfort and quiet as you begin and end your day. I love this space, a charming vanity from the pages of domino magazine. I spotted some fab design ideas and color options right here.
1) A completely soft and romantic pink, purple and blue palette with a sophisticated edge. Take items your love and find a space and a dedicated place for them on your vanity. A great jewelry box, a picture of your romantic partner, a vintage vase for your flowers – place items your love in vessels you care about.

2) Flowers are an affordable and simply gorgeous accent to add to your vanity space. Flowers add a soft edge and a pop of color to your vignette. The best thing, when you want a color change, change your flower.

3) Introduce a 2 x 3 FLOR rug that balances with your vanity and it’s items. I love the blue necklace that is out for show and it complements the FLOR’s  Toy Poodle tiles in Frost.

4) Any and all reflective items in a space will give it tons of dimension and style. Keep our fave gold and silver baubles out on display.

5) Vertical space works! Even in a small vignette, like the vanity, add in various heights to keep the eye moving through the design. A bud vase, tall frame, different shaped boxes will add depth.

Love this color palette? Check out all the FLOR  colors to add to your own special space.

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