January 3, 2012

A Color Story: An Elegant Study Mixes Dark and Light

I am loving the space for today’s Color Story – an elegant and completely curated study. Now I personally have never really had a place in my (smaller) homes and apartments to call a study but it sure sounds dreamy and fun. One of the best design elements in this space is the mixture of dark and light palettes in an effective and balanced way. Let’s take a looks at some design and color ideas that are displayed through this gorgeous room that you can interpret in your own home. Yes!

1) Pick two or three main colors and use them throughout your space. In this room, black, white and mahogany are introduced as the main palette and repeated by the desk, the sitting area and the ceiling. This creates balance in the space.

2) Stick with a neutral base for the room. In this case, the bookshelves, ceiling, floor and windows all are white or light wood.  I love this look and it’s easy to fill the canvas of the room when you have a consistent base.

3) Pick an area to create an anchor. In this room, the large coffee table adds weight. I also like how there is a throw rug (a zebra hide) near the desk space to create zones. I’d love to see a 5 x 7 All Square Black flor rug here – love it!

4) Symmetry works. While I am certainly for an eclectic mix, often times adding furniture in pairs or accessorizing in order gives the space harmony and a refined vibe.

5) Continue using your color palette by way of your fave things. I love how the coffee table is filled with – yes – coffee table books! Many colors appear here but so do the 3 in the main palette.

Check out these lovely Flor tiles that work for this room.


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:: Image via Nuevo Estilo ::


One Response to “A Color Story: An Elegant Study Mixes Dark and Light

  1. Sarah @ circle and sprout Says:
    January 4th, 2012 at 2:27 pm

    love how you used the room as inspiration for the floor tile colors!