July 6, 2012

A Color Story | Purple Plus

I am excited to share this week’s A Color Story. This pretty room is a fantastic example of how to integrate purple into your home. Yes, purple. A color that some of us (including me) tend to overlook when it comes to a room color scheme. Well this pace has definitely changed my mind. There’s a certain serenity to this purple space that doesn’t seem to lose the creative edge of a well-designed space. Let’s check out some tips that you can find in this room to reimagine in your own home.

1. Good ‘old pops of color. Yes, this room certainly has a pop here and there of color and, in this space, it’s purple. You can integrate a color palette by sticking with a neutral foundation and adding pops of the desired color to get the feel you want.

2. Mix Patterns. I am loving the way this room has a mix of patterns. My showcasing your color choice (purple in this room) through various pattern selections, your adding dimension and interest without overhwhelming the space. Like this space, you can do through the throw pillows or chair fabrics.

3. Flor, baby. The floor covering is a great way to introduce your color too. Flor has a ton of options to consider in various colors. I just redid my home office in gray. Oh and stripes are classic so enjoy a pattern in your floor.

4. Big art works. Rooms need scale to feel balanced and comfortable. I love how this space has a piece of art right and center on the wall. There are tons of purple tone in here that continue the purple theme. Again, without overwhleming the space. A bit here and bit there works.

5. Neutral style. As I mentioned above, consider keeping your foundation neutral. This room feels purple, which I love. But the bulk of the space is neutral in tone – light walls, wall coverings, rustic wood pieces, etc. Make it happen in your space by designing in doses.

Do you have color in your home? What about purple? I am definitely inspired to try this color in my space soon.

{Image via Pinterest}

One Response to “A Color Story | Purple Plus”

  1. Karin ikesaki Says:
    July 13th, 2012 at 8:15 am

    I am not usually a” purple person ” but I could be persuaded by this room.