May 23, 2012

A Color Story – White and Neutrals


This Color Story post is stunning and elegant. With a thoughtful mix of neutral tones and material style, this space is all about keeping it clean and keeping it simple. But there’s so much design in here as well as some good design tricks so let’s take a look at how you can create this style in your own space.

1) Stay neutral all the way. I love this idea of keeping a neutral palette just that – neutral. Sure, color is a fantastic addition to a neutral palette but sometimes it’s good to let it be and let is stay simple and stylish.

2) Let you materials shine. This room has an awesome wood table. Aside from the design of the piece, the wood material’s rugged look against the white and neutral space plays nicely.

3) Sometimes, keep your floor a floor. This open space home is a great example of how leaving one room floor-exposed let’s other rooms stand out. The striped rug in the dining room really becomes a key element in the home without taking away from the other spaces.

4) Channel a small dose of color with plants. Although I believe in this space that the neutrals work on their own. I also think a layered neutral color can work here to – plants. The dark green and leafy texture adds to the material mix.

5) Symmetry works with whites and neutrals. The clean lines and smooth style of this type of space is perfectly paired with symmetrical design. The matching low wooden stools and the complementary high-back dining chairs all makes sense in balance and harmony here.

Do you have a white and neutral space? How have you designed your hom

{Image via simple blueprint}

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