November 29, 2012

A Concrete Transformation

It seems every family is faced with the dilemma at some point – people grow, stuff collects, closets spill over. Do you move into a larger home – or simply add on to create more space? In the case of the SH House, adding on not only created more room to grow, but changed the entire look and feel of the house – for the better, of course.

By adding a concrete base to an existing brick home, BaksvanWengerden Architects created a show-stopping building that perfects the balance of old (brick) and new (concrete).

The interior partitions were removed to create an open floor plan inside, simultaneously bathing the home in natural light.

And isn’t the interior design perfectly suited for such a remarkable space? That fireplace!

I’m endlessly inspired by architects and creatives that take an existing problem and find a solution that not only solves the original dilemma, but creates something even more amazing along the way. Hat tip, BaksvanWengerden!

Images via ArchDaily

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