November 6, 2012

A Convex House

Sure, it looks tiny, but Torsten Ottesjo’s latest creation of the Hus-1 is meant to be tiny. It’s also meant to be thoughtfully designed, seemingly unconstructed and utterly nature-inspired. (I’d say mission accomplished.)

Located on the Swedish west coast, the space was built from wood in a convex shape, designed with the human body in mind. As described in the project’s description: “The body is complex in the same way as Nature and therefore needs a complex environment. A room is meant for human bodies and not for boxes.”

The walls and roof were created with a surface layer of biodegradable, cellulose-based and reinforced board, designed to resist water and wind while still allowing for a breathable environment.

Furnishing the home is meant to be a minimal experience: “By optimizing the whole room, you liberate a lot of volume which in its turn makes a small room spacious. In my mind, a well-designed room does not need to be big or filled with furniture.”

Such a divine beauty, yes?

“In practical terms, we need extremely few things to survive, but we may feel happier surrounded by beautiful things. Apart from the vital things we need, we want beauty, stimulus and comfort in order to function and enjoy ourselves.”

I couldn’t agree more. Tell me, could you live in a tiny [yet impeccably designed!] home? Or would you miss your “things”?

Images via Torsten Otessjo

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