August 18, 2010

A double life…

Recently discovered this artist and I have to say, I'm completely mesmerized. These oil paintings by Kelly Reemtsen not only have amazing color combos, but they also hide a few layers of secrets in them. What looks like a woman in a pretty party dress is in fact a woman with a mission perhaps? Everything about them are so ironic – chunky charm bracelet and diamond ring on one hand, a menacing tool on the other – all mismatched in the most glamorous way. Not to get all dark and twisty here, but I just find them so incredibly intriguing, and on some level, quite humorous (their titles alone will make you think twice). If anything, the use of colors here are brilliant, I can envision rooms after rooms decorated in such vibrant hues. But wouldn't one of these paintings make a great conversation piece, on a bare wall, with just her as the mysterious protagonist?

… titled "Shear Trouble"

… titled "B & W Stripe"

… titled "Winter Wear"

… titled "Breaking & Entering"

… titled "Green Feathers"

… titled "They Match My Dress"

… titled "Crowbar". This could possibly be my favorite of the bunch. A vintage floral dress and a golden crowbar make a pretty ominous future (there goes my chuckle!)

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