January 30, 2013

A Gorgeous Reboot of…Extension Cords

Sometimes it’s the most mundane of objects that can completely inspire and shine when reinvented. When I spotted this (dare I say) magical rebooted version of the hard-to-manage and often bulky extension cord displayed as a modern, elegant and FLAT object – I was floored. (in the best way!) What a brilliant idea?! Those talented folks over at Yanko Designs have certainly done it again by concepting a flat cord that can easily and seamlessly lay under a rug to find it’s home in an outlet.

Not only is it completely practical but it looks awesome. I truly believe that Flor products are this way as well. They are durable and perfect for floor coverings yet really look good. There’s something special about brands that truly put the thought, design inspiration and meaning into their products. Yes!

(Image via Yanko)

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