May 25, 2012

A Green Approach

The approach. It’s an important design element, at once both a landscaping and architecture. The driveway and walkway are often under utilized design opportunities. Many times an impervious field of blacktop or concrete, creating runoff directed through drainage systems into ponds and streams.

The soil acts as a natural filter for contaminates, purifying the rainwater before it becomes part of the eco-system once again. Beautiful and functional, permeable pavers offer a myriad of benefits. Grass or gravel as infill are great options, and allow for an unrealized design expression, providing pattern and texture drawing a visitor with interest, closer to your home. There are many great products available which allow for DIY installation. Paver units are modular, and can be installed to create numerous designs, both large and small scale. I love the effect. No longer a cold, harsh element to greet you, but rather an environmentally responsible, welcoming approach.

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