June 15, 2011

A handsome gift guide…

May I be as bold as to say this is the best looking gift guide I’ve ever seen? Not only are the gifts to die for, but the styling and photography? Spot-on and quite refreshing I must say. To be honest, there has been many a time when I would just flip through gift guides in magazines, literally giving it no more than two seconds of my time. But was I in for a treat when I saw this stunner titled “Guest Stars” from the June issue of Elle Decor. “Make any summer weekend memorable with a stylish gift that guarantees a return engagement”. I like the sound of that! And then I proceeded to spend an embarrassingly long time looking at every . single . gift (well, for myself, HA!) Not to dissect this article to death, but – a collage of basic white frames could really make the simplest objects shine – and to stop me in my tracks.

… ok, I have to mention something about this last image. See that stack of cheese? Rustico with black pepper, Brunet, Piave Vecchio, and Pecorino Sardo from Murray’s Cheese. Yum!

{ all images from Elle Decor June 2011, photography by Geoffrey Sokol, produced by Anita Sarsidi }

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