June 20, 2011

A Library of Built-ins

With another family member on the way, we are finding ourselves needing to think about rearranging space in our house.  Currently, our second floor has a master bedroom, a nursery, a guest room and a extraordinarily small room with a closet that is technically a bedroom but that I use for my office.  The nursery is truly only big enough for the crib, a dresser and a bookshelf, so there’s no doubling up in there. Which means that the guest room is going to have to become a big-boy room for our son and now we won’t be able to accommodate guests.  Except….that we also have a third floor, walk-up attic.

The attic leaves MUCH to be desired but is at least semi-welcoming with dingy carpet (as opposed to just sub-flooring) and old, painted paneling (as opposed to completely open joists).  When we bought the house, we knew that someday (which seemed at the time to be in the waaaaaaaay off distance) we would turn the third floor into a master suite.  And it looks like the next big project that we are saving our pennies for is just that.

So…all of that to say that over the years I have culled some inspiration for the time when we finally go for the big reno and one thing that has remained steady in my inspiration pics has been these extraordinarily charming and totally functional built-in bookshelves that wrap around the landing of the staircase.

(source – photo by David Prince)

In our area, third floors are pretty tightly spaced, so you really have to think about space-saving, multi-functional options almost like designing for living on a boat.  Here’s another beautiful bookshelf option that is used here in a kitchen, but would translate perfectly to our third floor space:


Of course, if it isn’t possible to create the built-in option around the landing, there is always the possibility of tucking them into the eaves of the attic space like the ones below.

(source – photo by: William Enos)

And for those of us on and even tighter budget, there’s always this DIY renovation that incorporated a storage seat along the back of the staircase.

(source Photo by: John Gruen)

It is such a relief to see all the options that are available for tightly spaced third floors like the ones I have earmarked.  It means that it is totally a possibility for us which is good since neither one of us wants to move anytime soon.

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