January 8, 2013

A Polka Dotted Lawn

If ever there was a Pattern of the Year award, 2013′s is undoubtedly the polka dot. Gaining steam since fall of 2010, the polka dot has decorated the likes of clutches, sweaters, lamps, rugs and blankets all season long – and doesn’t seem to be ceasing in a near moment.

Yet my favorite interpretation of the polka dot isn’t a product – it’s a place

Designed by Schneider + Schumacher, the Frankfurt-based Stadel Museum is home to one of the loveliest (quirkiest?) front lawns I’ve seen to date. Instead of expanding the property itself, the architects exercised their creativity by placing a new exhibition spaceĀ underground. To provide daylight for the installation, the roof houses 195 lights – creating a “spotted” lawn that’s visible from above ground.

Such a smart idea, yes? It’s the perfect example of good design – solving a problem while simultaneously making it more aesthetically pleasing. Hat tip, Schneider + Schumacher!

Images via ArchDaily

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