April 1, 2011

A Shelter for Daydreams

After reading Michael Pollan's A Place of My Own, I thought it fitting to investigate some of his sources of resource and inspiration referenced in the design of his shelter. Mr. Pollen's architect Charlie, gave him the book Tiny Houses, by Lester Walker, published in 1987. I picked up a copy at the library to take a peek. As Michael Pollen points out, this building can take on a variety of shapes, but all are an exercise in efficiency. I love the clarity of presentation of this book. Hand drawn plans and isometrics of these simple structures, convey not only the efficiency, but also the spirit of these special spaces. The author shares with us historic shelters such as Henry Thoreau's Cabin. Michael Pollen references this project in detail, as a source of inspiration in the design of his own hand built place.

The following images from the book are suitable for daydreaming, a necessary and powerful tool in the creative process. By building a place of one's own as Mr. Pollan did, there is a important process of creation present which manifests connection to the structure and the occupied space.

There is a movement in support of a simplified life. Living with less. Defining our needs. Giving more than we take. The roots of this movement are deep, and extend in varied directions from issues of sustainability, economics, and simplification. They share a common goal; A gain of time, purpose and focus, allowing he who inhabits a small dwelling to spend more time on what they define as important. I appreciate the diversity of project type in this book which conveys designing with a modest budget and providing inspiration for varied aesthetic preference. What do you imagine "A Place of My Own" to be? I would love to see your collection of images and sketches! I keep a file of just that. Images, sketches, thoughts and ideas, that convey a spirit of place; Of simplicity that offers peaceful tranquility. I think this is part of the daydreaming that Michael Pollen talks about in his book. Providing a visually and acoustically quiet place, a void if you will-   creating the space to fill with our own visions and creative energy.

All images scanned from The Tiny House book by Lester Walter.

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