November 27, 2012

A Stunning DIY Bedside Lamp

You’re not going to believe this (really!), but this lamp? This lamp is a DIY project. A completely do-able one at that. Is your mouth gaping as wide as mine?

Finnish industrial design student Minni spotted a similar lamp and was inspired to recreate the look – on a serious budget. The best part? Every item used in the project was sourced from IKEA or a local hardware store, making it incredibly affordable (and seriously convenient if you’re lucky enough to live near an IKEA!).

If you’d like to tackle the project, Mini has a fantastic three-port tutorial here, here and here. [Warning: the concrete-pouring process looks a wee bit intimidating, but she gives some great tips on getting the job done!]¬†Aren’t you amazed? Cheers to creative solutions on a dime!

Image Credit: Nimi Design

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