August 13, 2013

A Table Transformation


Our coffee table is in a sad state of affair, friends. From dents to nicks (and yes, even marker remnants from play dates gone awry!), I’ve been tempted to just scrap the whole thing and purchase a replacement. Instead, I’m taking a cue from Weekday Carnival and simply covering the mistakes – one concrete slab at a time.


To be fair, concrete projects aren’t always the simplest and they do require a fair amount of manual labor. But with a transformation like this, how could you not give it a go? There are some incredible instructions here for building a concrete surface, which includes a step-by-step tutorial for every aspect of the project – from building mold templates to layering the steel mesh for support.


What an incredible look! I can’t imagine ever throwing out another piece of furniture again, and how beautiful do the bright white table legs look when juxtaposed with a cool gray cement top? Simply gorgeous.

Image Credit: Weekday Carnival

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