November 18, 2013

A Tiny Getaway

What do you get when you cross an inspired architect with a summer getaway that’s just 35 square meters large? The coziest cabin around.


Spatial restrictions can often create an onslaught of clutter – after all, where do you hide all that stuff you need to live? If you’re Italian architecture studio Gosplan, the answer is: nowhere. And everywhere.


It’s true – we don’t need a ton of stuff to live. And if we’re smart enough, we don’t need the furniture either. In Gosplan’s latest flat refurbishment located in a charming village near Genova, the space boasts two bedrooms, a studio, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom – all in less space than most of us have in our attic alone.


It’s a testament to creativity and space-planning, filled to the brim with re-purposed solutions and multi-functional pieces. A bed behind a curtain, hidden storage walls, foldaway sofas. The result is nothing short of an inspired getaway.


And really, would you expect anything less from those wise Italians? Never.

Image Credits: Anna Positano for Gosplan

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