February 27, 2012

All ruffled up

Ever since I was a little girl I have loved ruffles.


I loved my share of non-ruffly things as well, but ruffles were always a favorite.  I was fortunate that my mom had some killer sewing skillz – yes, that’s a ‘z’.  She had her degree in home economics from back when that was still an option, and focused on textiles and sewing.  I have every confidence that had she continued on that career path, she would have fit right in with the textile industry and fashion houses of New York City.  I still remember the white eyelet dress with the ruffled skirt and wide pink sash she made for me for my dance recital when I was barely out of kindergarten.  It was probably the most lovely dress I have ever worn, and that includes my wedding dress, so yeah…I like ruffles.  Which would explain why I am so excited about their current renaissance.

Ruffles will always be associated with romance, but the deep hue and wide wale of this ruffled duvet lends a more modern touch.


But one need not go wide to get a more modern take…I love the variated stripes in this tightly ruffled bed set.


And while an entire bed of ruffles might just cause my husband to throw a coup, I think he could potentially support a ruffled pillow…


…or even this less ruffly alternative, which is downright masculine with it’s jersey knit and tuxedo stripe design.


A muted color scheme helps this beautiful drapery elevate the romance in the space below…

(found here and not credited further)

…while conversely, an ombre color story makes this shower curtain fresh and on trend…

(originally from Anthropologie but no longer available – found via Margaret Wagoner on Pinterest)

…as well as this delightfully Spring-y table.

(found here but not further credited)

Perhaps the most surprising word I could use to describe a ruffle would be sexy…but yes indeed, I would definitely call these AHHHHH-mazing ruffled chairs (featured in the Eskayel wallpaper collection) sexy.



Can anyone direct me to the designer, because they makes me weak in the knees…one might even say, I’m a bit ruffled up ;)

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