October 15, 2013

An Eclectic Kitchen


My parents’ kitchen is quite dated, and every time I visit, my mother proceeds to ask me no less than fifteen questions about how I’d refresh the space. Would you add pendants? Should we get rid of the built-ins? Paint the wood? And I’ve always fired off millions of answers, always lamenting that yes, those built-ins must be painted white. Must, must, must. But now that I’ve spotted the above kitchen, I have a feeling my answer will differ greatly…

Because the truth is, re-decorating takes time. Why not slowly update your space, allowing the eclectic mix of styles and decades to appear before you organically? Had the homeowners above chosen to whitewash the entire space, they would have missed out on a gloriously historic backdrop to an infinitely modern kitchen. Marble and wood, glass and metal. The mix of materials appears to be the happiest of accidents, but somehow, it all works together seamlessly.

I’m sensing there’s a pretty great life metaphor in there, as well – slow and steady truly does win the race. Or, in this case, the rice.

Image via Coco + Kelley, originally appearing on Desire to Inspire.

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