August 11, 2010

An inspiring merry-go-round…

Have you ever owned a piece of furniture that you just keep moving it around (and around) until you have completely exhausted its possibilities? Me, guilty. I actually quite love the idea of it to be honest. Take a simple stool for example. My Taburet M stacking stool has been through quite a few facelifts. It has mingled with our dining chairs, held up piles and plies of books, doubled as a nightstand and an entry piece… Currently it’s "on display" in my home office (above right). I say on display because my favorite scenario of this stool thus far is really the way that it is now — on its own, with no interruptions to its fluid shape whatsoever. It makes a great composition, doesn’t it? The other day I came across a wooden stool/side table by e15 and thought, now that’s a great way of mixing things up!

… alone with a long table (love the pop of yellow here btw!)

… quietly paired up in an open bath.

… grouped together as a fun hallway statement.

What is your one furniture piece that you like to play around with? If you don’t have one, look around and pick one out! Each time I change a piece up, it’s like revisiting that pair of old worn out jeans in the closet. Or if I feel lucky that day, it's like I went shopping, in my own home.

{ images: 1, 3 to 5
from e15; 2 by Peggy Wong }

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