December 1, 2010

And a ribbon runs through it

Now that we're in the holiday season, it had me thinking about gifts, and gifts had me thinking about ribbons and all the magic they bestow on a gift. Seriously, what's a gift without a beautiful ribbon tied around it in a big, festive bow.  It's a half-naked gift, that's what it is. Ribbons' infinite colors, textures and styles inspire design. Take for instance, this multi-layered-vision-of-a-wallpaper from Studio Ditte.  Ribbons wrap around us in beautiful joy.

A shimmering Isabel Stanley ribbon lampshade that reminds me of ribbon candy–another holiday treat.

A  hand-made coat rack inspired by a ribbon blowing in the wind.

Ribbons in fashion contour the body and add delicate interest to this lovely blouse. Jersey ribbon straps add a little something naughty and nice to this Givenchy ribbon wrapped sandal.

Cozy pillows pay homage to the versatile ribbon in a couple ways ode to the dainty bow, and a ribbon rainbow of color.

A crisscrossed grosgrain pattern gives a sophisticated and hip air to this chair.

And a red cotton ribbon Jens Risom lounge chair makes taking a rest naturally chic.

Which reminds me that a classic red ribbon never goes out of style, especially when tied around a holiday gift.

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One Response to “And a ribbon runs through it”

  1. Bill Says:
    December 2nd, 2010 at 2:27 pm

    Excellent, inspiring images and comments.  Thanks!