August 1, 2012

Annie Elliott

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Annie’s educational background includes English, art history and design. From there she built a career that included several senior staff positions at the nation’s top museums – places where she was able to develop her eye and aesthetic sensibilities.  Seeking a more personal relationship with art and design “consumers” and believing that people’s environments directly impact the quality of their lives, Annie turned to interior design in 2004 and started bossy color.

Having played around a bit with bold color and patterns,  I appreciate how challenging it can be to pull it off in a way that “works”.  Clearly Annie has a masterful eye, mixing bold color, patterns, and furniture (both modern and vintage/junk) in a way that simply works.  The spaces have a great feel, as though no one is taking themselves too seriously.

She writes a very popular blog that has become a showcase for both her design abilities and her sense of humor.  The post that includes the images above reassures her readers that she hasn’t gone too matchy-matchy in the bedroom; furthermore, she points out that these same accent pillows were (accurately) described as “sad” when they lived on her dark blue sofa.  Not only is it fun to read, her approach reminds people that design should ultimately be fun. It’s clear that she approaches her environments with a willingness to experivment – a great attitude as there are always new things to learn and things to try!

She puts together unexpected combinations like these grey-blue walls with a modern red lattice rug; and she remains vigilant to her clients’ needs : When the children grow out of their grab-anything-within-reach-with-their-grubby-little-mitts phase – ah, we remember it well! – we’ll do a floor-length, sheer linen drape on a curved rod on that massive window.

bossy color offers the full range of design services right down to a bossy basic : design guidance in the form of a two-hour design blitz. During our bossy basic, we might move furniture around, choose some paint colors, and decide what’s worth keeping, what’s worth rehabilitating, and what’s worth replacing. You’ll end up with specific recommendations for furniture, lighting, rugs and where to buy them; action items that you can then execute on your own dime and timeframe.  What a great option for those who don’t need / want a full-service designer? And frankly, I’d just love to spend 2 hours with Annie and her team – I know that it would be action-packed and full of laughs.

Annie’s blog is also used as a tool for encouragement to try new things; lately, she has a love for wallpaper, so she provides her readers with advice on how to use it (accent walls and powder rooms) and provides beautiful images culled from the design world.

If you are in the Georgetown area, stop by our FLOR location (Cady’s Alley) and meet Annie and her team in person on August 30th.  We have no doubt that it will be educational, inspiration and mainly a whole lot of fun.

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