March 28, 2011

Architect Shigeru Ban

In my last post, I touched on design in support of those effected by the earthquakes and tsunami in Japan. Highlighted, was an article in the New York Times, on the work of Japanese Architect Shigeru Ban. He is actively working on the ground to improve the experience of those displaced and residing in temporary shelters. His simple and inexpensive solution to provide privacy to families in currently being implemented. While looking at the architects website, it became clear that these partitions will offer people dignity and privacy in a dense and stressful situation. It is innovation and action like this, that is making an immediate difference. It will be a long road of recovery, no doubt. But, I applaud the simple human elements addressed by Mr. Ban’s project, providing the private opportunity to grieve, regroup, focus and look ahead.
For more information and to offer support visit the architects website.

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