March 13, 2013

Attic living

Here in my part of New England, there isn’t a whole lot of room to expand homes out, so we tend to go up.  Up into our attics that is.  Currently my husband and I have compromised and created a kids’ space in our attic, but someday on the horizon…as in waaaaaaay off in the horizon…we’d love to create a master suite up there.  The biggest challenge: fitting a bedroom, closet(s) and bathroom into not-very significant usable space.  So I’ve decided to collect as much inspiration as I can for the day (yes, dear, I know…15 years from now at least) when we can pull the trigger.

Fortunately for you, you can appreciate these inspirational beauties in a more timely manner.

These first two I clipped from the This Old House Magazine as soon as each issue arrived at my door step; their main draw, the smart use of built-ins to maximize space in a small setting:



This beautiful space was dreamed up Kelly Rae Roberts for her third floor space and I am very intrigued by the open concept.  I love that it allows the eye to scan the entire floor and gives the illusion of an airier space – but I’m not sure I could convince my husband of the open-bathroom design.

Here’s another open bathroom design with a bit more separation spotted over at UK’s House to Home:

Here’s another great example from Derek Moore & Sons.  The soaking tup is out towards the bedroom space, but the rest of the bathroom is tucked back behind a wall.  I’m particularly intrigued by how open and airy it is, with a view to the exterior window, and yet there is still privacy for the bathroom portion.

Lastly, check out this lovely inspiration from Moroso Construction. While it isn’t not as much of an open concept as the previous examples, the placement of the bed allows for plenty of flow around the room and the vaulted ceiling draws your eye up giving the illusion of more space.


Have you ever converted an attic space into a living space?

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