Chairs For Your Wall

If your love of vintage chairs exceeds the amount of space you have in your home, how about decorating with chair art, instead? Etsy is filled with independent printmakers, photographers, collage artists, and others whose work can feed your chair addiction without cluttering your decor … or breaking the bank! Just search for "chair" or "vintage chair" in the Art category and you're likely to find everything from ornate portraits to minimalist graphics and homages to iconic designers like Saarinen, Bertoia, and Eames.

Above: Sitting Pretty and Cat Scratch Fever, original collages by KitschyHippo. Speaking of cat scratches, unlike real chairs, these ones are safe from pets, children, and messy party guests!


Stylish Solutions For Not-So-Green Thumbs

I have a confession to make. While in theory I love plants and gardening … in reality my thumb is rather more black than green. Correcting this is one of my resolutions for 2011 but I might need a little help. Enter the self-watering planter! These containers feature water reservoirs that keep plants supplied with the right amount of moisture. Unfortunately, a lot of self-watering systems leave something to be desired in the realm of aesthetics, but I managed to find a few stylish solutions. Let me know if you have any other suggestions!

Above: Self Watering Pots from Grobal come in delicious colors like Bubblegum and Mint.

Above: Windowsill Planters from Lechuza can accommodate edible and decorative plants. The company also makes a range of other shapes and sizes.

Above, left: The Herb Pot from Eva Solo is perfect for the kitchen. Right: Available from White Flower Farm, the One-Pot Gardening Collection consists of a self-watering planter and four tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, and basil plants.

Dreaming Of Dandelions

It isn't quite the season for dandelion clocks or even flowers, but a few British designers have made it possible to bring this motif into the home year-round … with a bit of retro 50s flair!

First up is the talented printmaker Angie Lewin, whom I discovered when I purchased her Dandelion Two cushion covers. Shown above are a couple of her lively floral designs: a Green Meadow linocut print and Dandelion One fabric pattern. (Definitely check out Lewin's other nature-inspired work and her book Plants and Places if you haven't already!)


Ivy Shelving by Paris Lowitz

Modular shelving never ceases to interest me (see Yube Cubes and Way Basics) – but these might take the cake. Combination shelving and art piece, Ivy by Paris Lowitz is a system designed to "grow" on your wall as you see fit. 

The system includes three different pieces that can be configured and reconfigured in an endless array of combinations. I love the organic yet streamlined forms. 

Alas, Ivy is just a concept right now but I hope it gets put into production someday! 

See more images: Paris Lowitz Design

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Cool Tools: Multicolr Search Lab

Need a little color inspiration for your next home decor project – or just to brighten up a dreary winter day? Hop on over to the Multicolr Search Lab! Created by Idée Labs, this online tool extracts colors from over 10 million images on Flickr. 

To use it, you pick between 1-10 colors from their palette of 120 shades. The tool displays images using the same shade(s), chosen from Flickr's most "interesting" Creative Commons images. A click on each image brings you to its original Flickr page. It's great fun to play with! 

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