Lovely Laundry

As an apartment dweller who relies on the local laundromat, I won't be fulfilling any romantic visions of a home laundry room like the one above any time soon. (Incidentally, I did once rent a tiny yet charming 1920s-era laundry closet in San Francisco!) But I can dream, and perhaps even incorporate a few of these elements into my décor and washing up routine… 

Iron in style: At left, a wooden ironing board from Garden Trading; if only it weren't so expensive to ship to the US! At right (and at the top of this post), Teresa Green Textile Design's ironing board cover (and clothespin bag), sold by Selvedge Drygoods. 

Store and carry: At left, a handsome utility bucket from Garden Trading. At right, the woven hamper from Brook Farm General Store is handmade in Senegal from seagrass and recycled prayer mats. 


Simple luxuries: At left, handmade wool dryer balls from Green Belle Designs. At right, Savon de Marseille sold by Brook Farm General Store; this traditional French soap is made using an 800-year old recipe. 

Rabbits To Robots: Favorite Finds At CES 2011

New robot vacuums, a super sleek document shredder, and a tech-savvy rabbit were among my favorite finds at the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), held in Las Vegas last week. I'm not a hardcore tech nerd but I do enjoy seeing what's new for the home, especially when it's well designed. These are a few of the devices that caught my eye…

Moneual Rydis R750 (above) – Robotic vacuum cleaners have been around for a while, but this one comes with a wireless remote, which offers greater user control and makes it kind of like a video game (at least that's what you can tell your kids). It works on hard floors and low-pile carpets (up to 1 cm), so I'd imagine it would be effective on most FLOR tiles. A rep said the vacuum will be available in the US in fall 2011. See a video of it in action here.


Yube Cubes: Modular Furniture Made From Sugarcane

A while back I featured some customizable shelves made from recycled paper. Here's another green option for modular furniture fans: Yube Cubes. The Yube Cube system consists of panels that snap into place to create shelves, tables, and desks. The panels may be painted to complement your own decor, and the company also sells decorative doors and accessories like feet, shelves, and drawers.

The components include panels made of sugarcane waste fibers; frames made of Woodlite, a proprietary compound of plastic and bamboo; and corner locks made of pressed steel. According to the company, "Woodlite utilizes 20%-30% less non-renewable resources than similarly molded products." The sugarcane panels are biodegradable and compostable, while the Woodlite frames are recyclable with #5 plastic (polypropolene).

To learn more, visit

[via Jetson Green]

Modern Family Trees

Over the holidays I spent some time with my grandfather learning about our genealogy, from English gentry to Revolutionary War fighters. As a result, I have been exploring family trees and was pleased to discover quite a few modern and decor-friendly designs!

My favorites include the elegant designs of My Tree and Me; two are shown at the top and bottom of this post, but be sure to check out the site for many more. The customized charts would look equally beautiful in a child's bedroom or an adult's living room. 

At left is a happy Family Tree Poster from Swedish brand Isak – add your own family's photos to the circles! On the right are hand printed and stamped Custom Family Trees from Etsy seller cozyblue.

On the left, a Family Tree from Famille Summerbelle; it comes in turquoise, pink, and silver-green. At right, The Small Object's charming Balloon Bunch Print, which can be personalized to create a family tree.

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6 Things You Can Make With Recycled Magazines

Do you have five or ten (or more!) years' worth of magazines languishing on shelves, in closets, under the bed? Perhaps some people really do flip through back issues; however, if you're like me, all those old decor and cooking mags are just taking up space and gathering dust. Personally, I have decided that it's time to set them free but if you're not quite ready to part with yours yet, here's another solution: transform them into something else for your home! Here are six fun DIY projects…

Above: Recycled Magazine Mirror – Inspired by a mirror sold at Urban Outfitters, fleetingthing created this budget-friendly project using an IKEA mirror, cardboard, glue, and magazines.

For those who have a bunch of National Geographic magazines lying around, check out this Magazine Shelf designed by Sean Miller! (via Inhabitat)

At left, a Magazine Reed Box; see the tutorial at CraftStylish. At right, a Garbage Can made by lovething at Craftster. The project comes from The Big-Ass Book of Crafts by Mark Montano.

Featured at Re-Nest, this Table or plant stand requires nothing more than magazines and a few minutes – no glue or scissors required!

Do you have any other good uses for old magazines?

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