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Since so many of you share personal FLOR Stories about your home or office, we thought we’d share one about ours. A common question we find ourselves answering almost daily is “Where is FLOR located?”

Our office sits in the West Loop of downtown Chicago, just blocks from the hustle and bustle of Union Station, the restaurants on the river and the rumble of the El train.

After moving around a bit, we found our permanent location in the Spring of 2010 and when we arrived to start designing our office, we were met with a blank canvas.


House Tour : Chicago Home & Garden

For this chapter of our House Tours, we took a break from homes we photograph for our catalog and knocked on the door of our Sr. VP of Design and Creative, Chip DeGrace, and his wife Cynthia. Nestled on a cozy street in the Chicago suburb of historic Elmhurst, Chip and Cynthia have created their home sweet home, complete with unique furniture pieces and dazzling design ideas.


Celebrating in Georgetown

FLOR is thrilled to announce the opening of our 10th store, this one in Georgetown in Washington, D.C. Located at 1037 33rd St. in the design district of Cady’s Alley, the doors are officially open for business after a smashing Grand Opening event that took place a few weeks ago.


FLOR Story : Crazy Colorful

Dear FLOR,

Even before we found out we were having a baby, we were looking forward to redecorating a room for a little one. So, once we knew we were having an actual baby, we started throwing around ideas. It should be colorful. Crazy colorful. Our home more generally is full of nutty colors but a kid’s room seemed like a perfect opportunity to go all out on color.

While the website was fun to use, we wanted to see the tiles in person before we ordered something for the baby’s room.  We headed to the Flor store near us (in Chicago) and worked with Kim, who showed us all sorts of tiles.  After working with us for awhile, helping us zero in on a palette of tiles we liked, and seeing that we were open to lots of ideas, Kim suggested taking the tiles we liked and laying them out in a striped pattern. She laid it out on her laptop (and even emailed us a .pdf of the design to use when we set up the tiles).  We hadn’t thought of stripes but immediately felt like it was a super cool way to capitalize on the modularity of Flor tiles.

We had a bunch of fun putting the tiles together and the Flor definitely fulfilled our desire for a unique and nutty carpet in our baby’s room. We really love her room, hopefully she will too!


Matthew – Chicago, IL

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A Small Town rolls out the Green Carpet

Just Our Style

Coming from us here at FLOR who eat, breathe and sleep carpet, we just couldn’t help but share this story about a small town that rolled out the green carpet in the form of a grass trail constructed to wind through their municipality and give villagers a slice of nature nestled into their everyday travels .

In the small town of Jaujac in Southern France, Marseille artist Gaelle Villedary’s grass-terpiece traces a trail 1,400 feet from the outskirts of town through parks and neighborhoods into the city center and right back out, bringing a serene sense of nature to some unexpected places.