Ranch Renovation in the Desert

Earlier this year, while visiting the Seattle FLOR store, I had the opportunity to meet Mark and Oren, Seattle residents who had recently taken the big renovation plunge by purchasing a mid-century modern ranch in the desert of California. Their plan sounded innocuous enough – maybe a facelift here and there, some new paint, a few new pieces of furniture, a FLOR rug – you get the idea. Well, it wasn’t long before they had a full blown, down to the studs renovation on their hands. And with that comes its share of headaches. You know, like when the gas leak is detected after the new fireplace is installed and the tile work finished. Or complications with contractors that leads to pulling out and reinstalling the kitchen cabinetry.

Well, in the end their perseverance shall be richly rewarded. They’ve created an amazing retreat; a place to escape to when you think you just can’t take one more rainy, grey day; a place to entertain family & friends; a place to enjoy a poolside margarita that is two-days in the making (I’ve got to get my hands on that recipe). It’s my understanding that the phone has been ringing and the calendar of guests is filling up! After this series of before / after shots, you’ll see why and like me, you’ll probably have a hankering to get on that list.

Exterior, before & after
Pool, before & after
Kitchen, before & after

And this brings us back to the beginning of the story, remember — we were at the FLOR store in Seattle. Mark & Oren are working with Wynne whose theatrical charm and exuberance at work is rivaled only by her design eye and ability. I entered the story because I couldn’t help but notice the swatches they had brought along and recognized that we must share similar design sensibility. Here are a few shots from the process and of the finished rug. Thanks to Mark & Oren for letting me share in their renovation journey from afar — I’ll send you a few dates when I could come and visit!


House Tour: Low Profile Getaway

You might recognize this house from our recent FLOR catalog. This home away from home is about 100 miles west of Chicago, nestled into a community that still holds nature high on its list when it comes to its surroundings; which is fine by its occupants.

Richie and Diane Pascal were eager to find that perfect getaway where they could integrate themselves into their rural environment. But true to their nature, they brought with them a little bit of that urban feel that they just couldn’t leave behind.

Take a tour, and you’ll quickly see why we couldn’t wait to adorn the pages of our catalog with this beautiful, unique home.

Notice the single red tile; that’s a staple of our scouting photography – a practice our photographer uses when first visiting a home so we can determine the size and scope of the rug that will eventually accompany the photo. And he notes that without fail this tile becomes the resting place for any cats or dogs in the home immediately upon it being set down.

So that’s how the process begins, a simple walk through and some photos. That’s also when the fun begins, as our designers start salivating over what rugs they can create for which rooms, taking into account color, textures in the room and overall ambiance. And then… the final reveal – the images from our Fall 2012 catalog.


Situ Studios

Every once in a while, someone takes FLOR and goes beyond a rug and into a new world of inspiration and innovation that both humbles us and inspires us to continue pushing the boundaries of what we do.

Situ Studio is a design studio in Brooklyn and the brains behind an exhibit currently running  at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in Lower Manhattan called “Hava Nagila: A Song for the People.” This exhibit was developed by Situ and their partners, MTWTF.

If you look closely you’ll see that those colorful squares that adorn the walls and hang from the ceilings are, in fact, FLOR tiles.

But they didn’t stop there. Situ Studio used the FLOR squares as a canvas and insituted a laser technology to engrave text and signature images directly into the carpet tiles to to tell their story.

So if you’re in the area stop by the exhibit – running now through May, 2013.

Have you decorated with FLOR in a way that goes beyond using it as traditional carpet? We want to see what you’ve done. Email us at pictures@flor.com or post your creation at facebook.com/flortiles; and who knows, we may share your story here.

Lorena Siminovich

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Originally from Buenos Aires, Lorena is a San Francisco based designer, artist and author. Lorena has written and illustrated over 20 books for children with Chronicle Books, Templar UK, and Candlewick Press.  She started Petit Collage in 2006.  With her team of designers, she creates modern wall décor and home accessories influenced by midcentury design. The studio, located in an artistic hub of San Francisco, is an incubator of new ideas, art, and illustration where creating great design and pushing the envelope on new formats is the norm.

Playfulness imbues every format Petit Collage touches from mobiles and mirrors to dolls, decals and more. Striving to handcraft their goods in a sustainable way using the best-quality, most forest-friendly materials available is equally important. Lorena’s pattern designs show up throughout her work and are particularly playful as packaging tape, shown below.
Lorena has created a wonderful niche, as her products are playful and approachable for children while still sophisticated enough to fit any room of a modern house. Petit Collage products are sold at over 500 stores worldwide including Pottery Barn Kids, Land of Nod and Giggle.
Please join us on August 30th to meet Lorena in person. As a very special added bonus, Lorena is creating gift bags for the first 30 attendees – which will include a signed San Francisco print on wood and some of her patterned packing tape!  Please RSVP here.
Petit Collage website
Lorena Siminovich website

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Flat Vernacular

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Payton and Brian have merged their aesthetic viewpoints with their fine art and design expertise to create, Flat Vernacular, a company that, for now, creates surface treatments for walls and in the future, who knows? I can certainly envision their patterns translating to textiles or product design and their ideas into progressive restaurant and retail interiors.  Presently, we are treated with a collection of wallpaper designs that range from colorful, fashion forward floral to illustrative derby cars that from a distance have a deceptive twist.

Below is another example of how they’ve created designs that from a distance provide a very traditional look and feel while closer inspection reveals their whimsical, playful approach to their work.

Payton and Brian have designed their company with their client in mind, taking great care and time with every project that comes their way. They aim to remain faithful to the tradition and character of wallpaper while taking a more contemporary twist with the designs themselves. Flat Vernacular infuses color, design and their playful spirit into all of their papers.

To get a better sense of the hand-drawn, hand-printed aspects of their work, watch this video by Lilian Haidar.  There are a few time lapse series showing Brian and Payton working together and it is immediately clear what an amazing partnership they have.

And here are a few more of the patterns for your visual delight.

Please join us on August 30th to meet Payton and Brian in person and learn more about their work.  RSVP here.

Flat Vernacular website

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