Rusty Arena

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Rusty’s art background combined with an inherently rebellious nature have resulted in a gorgeous body of work that blurs distinction between fine and decorative arts.  A Houston native, his interest in classical art and architecture took him on a journey traveling the world.  He’s returned with his signature style that combines hand-painting and hand-printing techniques.

Beautiful, rich and luscious are all words that describe Arena products. They have a quality of depth that can be attributed to their unique production techniques.  Rusty is dedicated to preserving and developing new hand printing techniques that are impossible to replicate through computer generated imagery. The technical capabilities of Rusty’s facility can be attributed to the engineering brilliance of his brother who designed and built custom curing units that allow for the creation of durable and colorfast textile products.

Rusty has created designs that have a fresh modern feel but are clearly rooted in a great appreciation and understanding of classic design.  The above patterns are printed on linen further enhancing the natural and handmade feel of the product.  In addition to the Arena line, Rusty creates custom couture textiles and wall coverings for clients.

Rusty has the ability to see things in the natural world and imagine how elements would translate to different surfaces – printed on linen or embossed into velvet. His natural eye for color and content is evident in his work, as well as the technical skills that allow him to move between media with such ease.

The above swatches are from his wallcovering collection, he also has a collections of designs printed on jute, linen and velvet.  And have I mentioned that he is also a sculptor, painter, designer and enjoys cooking – kind of a renaissance man, wouldn’t you agree ?  Stop by our Houston store on August 30th to meet Rusty in person and learn more about where he finds inspiration to create so many beautiful things.

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Jennifer Hill

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Jennifer studied design, art history and printmaking at Massachusetts College of Art + Design. Following graduation, she spent two years developing a finer appreciation of color and pattern at the cosmetic company Fresh.  She boldly stepped out on her own, building a design company routed in imaginary vacations around the globe. Her company has grown from an inspired collection of travel prints to designing custom patterns for individuals and clientele around the globe.

When Jen started her company, her dad had early on-set Alzheimer’s and control of her own schedule allowed her to help care for her father while burning the midnight oil with pattern design.  The first print in her very successful series Places I Have Never Been was Block Island, where her parents went to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. To this day she donates a portion of the sales of this print to the Alzheimers Association.

The Places I Have Never Been series has grown to include over 70 prints – each begins with her imaginings of towns that she had never visited and what pattern represents this locale – from the tourist attractions to the food you would eat and local characters you might meet.  From Bangkok to Bozeman there is something for everyone.  Each year Jennifer picks 12 new places to add to the collection.

From this original series, she has created several new series including the Map Series that was inspired by vintage flash cards.  Each print pays homage to a country or state by sharing a little riddle about that place’s history.  We all have memories that are attached to geographic locals – where we grew up, perhaps a special vacation, or where we live now – these affections for place are what make JHill Designs such wonderful gifts…Jen then went on to tackle the alphabet with a series of Animal prints – each animal silhouette is filled with a colorful pattern … Monogramed baby gift, anyone ?

As an extra bonus, we discovered that Jen is a pretty avid Pinner – creating “mood boards” for each of her locations, not to mention a whole slew of other categories from Pattern Love to lots of interior design love, including Home Sweet Home  - all great eye candy, if you have say, a few hours, to kill ! . The images above are from her Capetown board, ultimately lending itself to her Capetown print below.

I don’t know about you, but I’m anxious to know where Jen is packing her bags for next, or her imaginary bags, as the case may be.  If you are in the Boston area, you can find out first hand, Thursday, August 30th.

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Jennifer Hill’s website

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Annie Elliott

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Annie’s educational background includes English, art history and design. From there she built a career that included several senior staff positions at the nation’s top museums – places where she was able to develop her eye and aesthetic sensibilities.  Seeking a more personal relationship with art and design “consumers” and believing that people’s environments directly impact the quality of their lives, Annie turned to interior design in 2004 and started bossy color.

Having played around a bit with bold color and patterns,  I appreciate how challenging it can be to pull it off in a way that “works”.  Clearly Annie has a masterful eye, mixing bold color, patterns, and furniture (both modern and vintage/junk) in a way that simply works.  The spaces have a great feel, as though no one is taking themselves too seriously.

She writes a very popular blog that has become a showcase for both her design abilities and her sense of humor.  The post that includes the images above reassures her readers that she hasn’t gone too matchy-matchy in the bedroom; furthermore, she points out that these same accent pillows were (accurately) described as “sad” when they lived on her dark blue sofa.  Not only is it fun to read, her approach reminds people that design should ultimately be fun. It’s clear that she approaches her environments with a willingness to experivment – a great attitude as there are always new things to learn and things to try!

She puts together unexpected combinations like these grey-blue walls with a modern red lattice rug; and she remains vigilant to her clients’ needs : When the children grow out of their grab-anything-within-reach-with-their-grubby-little-mitts phase – ah, we remember it well! – we’ll do a floor-length, sheer linen drape on a curved rod on that massive window.

bossy color offers the full range of design services right down to a bossy basic : design guidance in the form of a two-hour design blitz. During our bossy basic, we might move furniture around, choose some paint colors, and decide what’s worth keeping, what’s worth rehabilitating, and what’s worth replacing. You’ll end up with specific recommendations for furniture, lighting, rugs and where to buy them; action items that you can then execute on your own dime and timeframe.  What a great option for those who don’t need / want a full-service designer? And frankly, I’d just love to spend 2 hours with Annie and her team – I know that it would be action-packed and full of laughs.

Annie’s blog is also used as a tool for encouragement to try new things; lately, she has a love for wallpaper, so she provides her readers with advice on how to use it (accent walls and powder rooms) and provides beautiful images culled from the design world.

If you are in the Georgetown area, stop by our FLOR location (Cady’s Alley) and meet Annie and her team in person on August 30th.  We have no doubt that it will be educational, inspiration and mainly a whole lot of fun.

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bossy color website
bossy color blog

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Alexandra Becket

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Alexandra is a textile designer turned home renovation specialist and interior designer.  In 2010, she and her husband started ModOp, a renovation company that modernizes distressed properties.  Once the renovation is complete, Alexandra stages the property utilizing customized artwork and accessories that she creates; the result appears as an effortless combination of her skills as an artist / textile designer and interior designer.

The area outside this Los Feliz condo unit is lush and green; Alexandra has effectively brought this environment indoors through the use of her hand painted silk textiles.  I especially love the reupholstered seat cushions on the vintage dining chairs. Her work reflects a great affection towards mid-century modern design.

After completely a rather extensive renovation of this Spanish Bungalow, Alexandra put her interior skills to work.  She masterfully combines seemingly disparate patterns in the patchwork kilim rug and the wingback chair covered in her custom textile design.  For the complete story of this renovation, check out the LA Times story here.

Above are few examples of Alexandra’s textile designs. She uses a process similar to batik where a water-based resist is used first to draw the design. The design is painted over with water-based paints that she mixes to create her custom palette.  Once the artwork is heat set, the resist disappears leaving a “reveal” or the lines of the design.  It’s not difficult to see why her one-of-kind prints have been acquired by home décor and fashion clients including Anthropologie, Trina Turk, Pottery Barn and more.

Alexandra’s artwork frequency focuses on architecture.  She finds inspiration throughout the varied landscape of her hometown, Los Angeles.  As the granddaughter of Welton Becket, the architect who designed some of L.A.’s most famous landmarks (Capitol Records, the Music Center, the Beverly Hilton, the Pan Pacific Auditorium, and others) she is influenced by the geometry of modernism, the sharp angles and graceful curvature.  The top image of Capitol Records pays tribute to her Grandfather in her own talented, artistic way.

Meet Alexandra in person, hear more about her current projects and have the opportunity to see some of her custom home accessories in person!  I, for one, think that these will be hitting some hip LA interior shops soon (and beyond) but I guess we will have to wait and see wait Alexandra has to say about that !  August 30th at the FLOR West Hollywood store.

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Alexandra Becket’s website

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Dayka Robinson

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Dayka is an interior designer with a hands on approach. Frequently, she can be found second-hand shop- ping, antiquing and estate sale-ing – always looking for the next vintage piece that she will apply her signature 3R’s to (Rescue – Reuse – Reinvent). As a designer she excels at helping people define their personal style and then use that understanding to create a space that truly reflects your personality and lifestyle. She was a design assistance on TBS’ Movie and a Makeover and now spends her time writing the popular blog DRD and running Room Service Atlanta, a non-profit charity that organizes Atlanta designers to provide pro-bono design services to area homeless shelters.

On Dayka’s blog, you can see some of her projects as a work in progress – we love seeing all the different patterns together, it definitely creates curiosity about the final room design.  Her blog also conveys her love of vintage furniture and the fresh ways she has found to update pieces.  She’s a big fan of Instagram, check out her collection below of vintage finds that she will be apply the three R’s to (Rescue, Reuse, Reinvent) !

Stop by our Atlanta store on August 30th and perhaps Dayka will divulge some of her favorite vintage haunts – clearly she’s good at turning up furniture with “good bones.” And the prices would make you drool. She is full of energy and ideas, so this is an opportunity not to be missed!

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Dayka Robinson designs
Dayka Robinson’s blog

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