Two Wasabi Tape DIYs to Adore

I love DIYs but sometimes they take TMT (too much time) so when I spot one that is unique, fun and fabulous – I go for it. I recently tried 2 awesome, easy and time-friendly DIYs using….

…patterned wasabi tape that elevated 2 simple objects to new decor heights – a phone charger and plain feathers. With the phone charger, just wrap it in your fave design of tape and you have created a brand new vibe for something you use everyday. Next tape idea, take plain old feathers (you can find these at your local art store) and tape the entire shape. Now you have a very cool decor accent for your home.

Have you tried using wasabi tape to elevate the everyday?


wasabi DIY 2
wasabi tape DIY 1
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Give This Fab Detail a Hand

Yes, yes, yes we all know that the “devil is in the details” and this thought couldn’t be more true in this pretty home. Beyond the incredible white palette with surprising pops of hot pink (yes, click here to see that style), the most fun detail are the doorknobs. At first glance in photo 1, you may not even notice the gilded detailed doorknob but take a closer look and what do you see?

door detail 1

door detail 2

A gold hand! Isn’t this just the coolest detail? I love the nod to whimsy and still the delicate style that totally works in the elegant space. I am definitely giving this pretty detail a hand. What do you think of this fun detail? Would you consider it in your own home? Click here to see the full house tour – it’s lovely.

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Bedroom DIY: Wood Paneled Wall

I love a good headboard in the bedroom but this idea takes it up a major nothc – an entire wall of wood. This fab bedroom is totally elegance meets rustic and it’s definitely all style. And these days it’s easy to create this idea as a DIY. Using wood panels from a local hardware store or vinyl decals that look just like wood, creating your very own wood panel wall is easy to achieve.

wood panel wall DIY 1

wood panel wall DIY 2

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Avant Garde or Efficient Storage Idea?

Sometimes you come across a design idea and think, “Wow, this is crazy!” while thinking “Wow, I could make this idea work.” I found this to be the case when spotting this wild bookshelf/entryway over at Architectural Digest new photo library, Design File. It’s a very cool mix of design, art installation and storage and…

cool bookshelf entry

…I think it totally rocks! There really are no rules when it comes to creating design and this owner went for it by reimagining what an entryway not only can look like but how it can be used. What do you think of this space – avant garde or efficient?


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Instant $25 Makeover – Shower Curtain

It’s no surprise that mundane activities, well, feel exactly like that – boring. Thankfully there are totally easy and affordable ways to mix up everyday routines with new colors, styles and patterns. One of my fave quick fixes is …

shower curtain makeover

…changing our shower curtain. These days there is such an incredible range of curtains to choose from, including textural, color and price options. And with Fall fast approaching, now is a great time to change out your curtain for spanking brand new color. You’d be surprised at how this simple fix can alter your mood daily. Now waking up for work and stepping into your bathroom to get ready can make you smile and get those creative juices flowing.