The Mural Headboard

I love creating decor and accents in my space. Perhaps it’s my inner-artist or wannabe-super-DIYer but making decor and accents to fill my home is not only fun but an awesome way to infuse a bit of my own personality in my space.¬† One way to do this is to create artwork. Sure a wall gallery is a great way to show your stuff but why not kick it up a notch and create something a bit more grand – like a mural headboard.


Sure you can use a large canvas or two but filmcore poster board (found at any art supply store) is a great, affordable alternative. Piece boards together to make the size you’d like for your bed and your space and then get your Bob Ross on. Color, pattern, design – whatever you choose – painting your own mural headboard is a lovely way to make your space shine.

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Color Stories in a Modern World

Have you ever thought of you interiors as “color stories”? They certainly are and they are shifting your perspective to this creative mentality. It’s a wonderful way to embrace your space. Dwell magazine recently highlighted 6 different color stories that anyone can enjoy in this modern world. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

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color stories 2

color stories 3

WHITE – Sure, white is the “absence of color” but it certainly makes a powerful impact in a space. White palettes offer fresh, clean and comfortable design experiences while letting a room really breathe. Aside from a calm interior, white provides the perfect backdrop for accenting your favorite furniture and decor items.

YELLOW – Also a neutral, yellow hues are so in vogue, it’s awesome to see people championing this color palette. Yellow color stories offer a whimsical, cheery and stylish space and can add new life. Yellow can be bright and can be toned down for a more elegant, stated vibe.

BLUE – Appealing to many, blue color stories are a “striking” and lovely way to create style and design in your space. Blue can make accents pop or you can layer it for a more relaxed interior.

See all 6 color stories right here. What color would you go for?

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New York Stories

It’s always fun to wonder and imagine how people live and design their homes. Whether it’s a bungalow home in California or a high rise in the sky in New York, everyone embraces their space in their own unique ways. Stylist Marcus Hay and photographer Kat Teutsch have taken this idea and elevated it to a lovely series that they dubbed “New York Stories“.

ny stories

The duo “created” characters and then style and snapped photos of the homes, according to their faux personalities. The result is a very cool collaboration showcasing home decor, style and color. It’s a fab interpretation of how these New Yorkers may live. Click here to read the stories, see their home decor style and open your imagination.

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Rug in the Kitchen? YES!

While many people keep their kitchen floors minimal at best, some folks love the idea of creating more definition and style be adding a rug. And you know I say Рgo for it!! For many of us, the kitchen is the heart of the house and designing a space that speaks to this idea is important for many people. Adding special design details and elements works in kitchens. So reconsider adding in more design details, like rugs or FLOR tiles.

rugs in the kitchen work

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4 Color Trends for Fall 2013

It may be the heart of the summer but Fall style is already on the horizon. If you enjoy getting a jump start on creating a new look for the season, check out these four color trends that will be taking over this September.

fall color trends

TREND 1 – FLINT (Think grays, pewters, steels, reds) An appreciation of our honest roots, this trend encourages a mix of rustic colors and textures, like leather, yarn, etc. A bedroom with this color trend would feel fantastic in the Fall.

TREND 2 – STORM (Think blues, purples and grays) With the flux of weather and the changes in our climate, this color trend leans towards a feminine meets masculine. I can see this fall trend in a modern home.

TREND 3 – CLASH (Think tutti frutti mix of bold and pastel color combos) I personally love this daring and completely fun mix of color tones – bold meets pastel. From your artwork to decor items, embracing this fall trend will be a sure way to smile everyday.

TREND 4 – ALPINE (Think browns, reds, greens) This color trend is all about bringing the outdoors – in. Consider layering tones of browns, reds and greens throughout your space. Throw pillows, rugs, even flowers, can define this style.

Click here to see all 4 trends in action. What trend are you leaning towards for Fall 2013?

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