January 3, 2011

Be inspired…

Happy New Year everyone! What are your resolutions this year? One of mine is, believe it or not, start an inspirational wall. Yup. Since moving into our new home a year ago, my pile of swipes, clippings, and trinkets are getting higher and higher… my folder is literally bursting with all sorts of inspirations that I need to give them all a home. I've kept our walls quite bare, and it has worked for us. But for 2011, I am ready to jazz it up a bit. I was particularly inspired by Thomas O'Brien's oversized bulletin board (shown above and below), which is part of his living room decor. I thought to myself, I have a big white wall on one side of our work/living space as well, and I am going to make it happen! There are certain inspirational boards that really appeal to me, and here are a few that stood out for me – even years later I'm still thinking about them. The more eclectic, personal, and lived-in, the better.

1 Here's another version of O'Brien's bulletin board, a year after the top image was published in 2006. This gave me an idea: should document mine every time I switch out the materials. How great is it to go back and look at what I was inspired by year after year?!

2 I especially love this one, not only because of the typographic clippings, but because it belongs to my friend Alex Bates, the Creative Director of product development for West Elm. A glimpse inside her office space was very aspirational to me as a designer.

3 All the different textures in this shot make me want to dive right in!

4 Here's one for the minimalist – perfect for a stark space. Notice warm tones on top, and cooler ones on bottom, beginning to like this formula…

{ credits: top image Elle Decor Jul/Aug 2006 / 1 House and Garden Sept 2007 / 2-3 Lonny Magazine Apr 2010 / 4 Mo+Mo Living }

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One Response to “Be inspired…”

  1. Robin Baron Says:
    January 26th, 2011 at 2:53 pm

    Love it!  An organized way to be inspired…. and a great way to incorporate a collection of sorts into your space.  Thanks for sharing these.