July 1, 2009

Beauty Comes in Squares

Not every rug fits every shape or room. That’s just one of the beautiful things about FLOR, it is really easy to customize to create something that’s totally unique and can’t be found any place else. That’s pretty cool. With this second installment of inspiring design tips from FLOR’s creative guru, Chip DeGrace, we’ll show you some great ways to use FLOR in your own home.

If you read the first installment, which highlighted how practical FLOR can be for high-traffic areas in the home, you know that Chip has discerning tastes and demands a lot from the products and designs he puts into his home. So, let’s see how squares answer the design call.

A not-so-conventional bathroom rug:

Here, Chip cut one of the new black-and-white styles, Ripple, at a 45 degree angle and then rearranged those pieces to create a triangular effect that is dizzyingly cool! FLOR can be cut to create virtually any shape or design. All it takes is a sharp carpet knife, a FLOR straight edge and some imagination!

Cut tile at 45 degrees to produce 4 triangles


Cut tiles at 45 degrees to form 4 triangles.  Then, rearrange tiles to create a unique design.

Camouflaging soil while still stylin’:

For a busy kitchen, Chip wanted something that was pretty to look at but could still hold up to the fallen diced onion or two. Chip’s kitchen was like a blank slate in need of a little pizzazz. So, he chose to create a custom runner using If There Be Thorns. The pattern provides a spark of beauty while effectively hiding the occasional spills that occur in a kitchen.

Choose colors and patterns that can brighten up a room.

If There Be Thorns

Unique shapes:

Chip’s 1950s era home has a vestibule of sorts that isn’t generally found in newer designs these days. A vestibule is lovely, but how do you make it inviting and tie it into the rest of the house? Here, Chip used a combination Take a Ribbing in solid black with the bold patterns in the black and white series: Side by Side, Ripple and Channel Surfing to create a truly custom shape. Now, the vestibule has a bold and inviting entry rug that translates perfectly into the balance of the home.


Cut and arrange tiles to create any design that can fit any shape.

The “non-rug” rug:

Unlike the vestibule space, Chip and his wife weren’t looking for a bold statement in their dining room. With three kids and frequent meals, the potential for food shrapnel everywhere is high so a rug seemed like a lot of unwanted maintenance. But, with cork floors and modern spiky-legged dining chairs, there was a need to protect the floors in more ways than one. Using Fedora in a soil-friendly color that was similar to their dining room floor surface, Chip achieved the protection his family needed in an “invisible”, discreet rug. And, because it’s FLOR, any major destruction to the “rug” can be corrected with a simple swap of a tile.

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