May 9, 2011

Best seat in the house

We use a pew for seating in our dining room.  There actually is a pretty funny story behind getting the pew.  My mother-in-law, frequenter of antique shops and purveyor of all things awesome came across some pews in a Habitat for Humanity ReStore one day in Pittsburgh.  Ever the scavenger, she decided that she had to get the pew for us.  But she had to get it to Boston from Pittsburgh.  A few months later, a dear aunt of hers who lived in Boston passed away, so she loaded up the pew in the back of her car and drove to Boston to pay respects to her aunt.  When she got to Boston, she headed straight to her relatives’ home and after some debate over logistics of getting people from one place to the next mentioned that she had a pew in the back seat of her car.  Of course, she failed to mention it was for us, and instead, her Aunt’s daughter looked at her and very seriously asked her about this family tradition that she had never heard about where people head to funerals bearing their own pew.  After some laughter, the mix up was cleared and to this day we tease my mother-in-law about the time she took her own pew to a funeral.

But I digress…I was looking at our pew the other day and feeling inspired and decided to see what other pew inspiration I could find.

Church pews have long been a prized commodity for decorating and rightly so.  They are extraordinarly functional in so many spaces.  Just look at this beautful entryway (found here, but originally in the pages of Cottage Living magazine as styled by Heather Chadduck).  Cute kid not withstanding, I’m in love with the functional hooks on that great mantlepiece with all of the family photos.

This cute little quarter-pew fits perfectly along a short wall and truly creates a fun nook in an otherwise underutilized space (found via A La Mode)

Another entryway pew with functional baskets underneat creats such perfect storage and function while looking beautiful (Home and photograph via John Murphy, found via Design*Sponge.

And while a second look at this offering below might make you realize just how uncomfortable some people have been during church, the overall effect is shabby, chic perfection (photo by Maria-Isabel Hanson for Skona Hem

Lastly I had to share this amazing pew transformation found over at Faith Buss.  She took a $25 pew found at a garage sale and turned it into an incredible headboard with side tables.

Do you have an old pew in your home?

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