April 15, 2013

Bold and Graphic

Love this. Graphic and textural, it almost makes me feel like I’m walking into a comic. Often reserved for large spaces, this bold approach can work beautifully in small rooms as well. This bathroom designed by Laplace and Co.,  carefully balances the visual activity. The simple edging of the cabinet doors and drawers delineates an otherwise monolithic wall, and creates for me, a sort of ‘pop art’ experience. There’s a lot going on here in this small, artful space. The contrasts are what makes the room. The vintage bathroom sinks paired with clean modern lines and glass shower enclosure. The movement and graphic character of the stone wall juxtaposed against the bold clarity of the storage wall. Great light in a small space doesn’t hurt either.  What fun.

Image sourced at http://www.luislaplace.com

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